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FEIF international youth event

First held in 1995, the 14th FEIF Youth Cup will take place from 14 to 20 July 2024 in Münsingen Switzerland. This event is much more than a youth world championship.

Making friends

In addition to the sport, and the thrill of representing one's country, the main focus of the event should be on developing friendships across borders and the participants shared fascination for the Icelandic horse.

Improving riding skills with a diverse training programme

During three days, the young riders will train a wide range of disciplines in international teams with qualified trainers. 

Excursion and knowledge

There will also be an excursion in the region to further the participants knowledge about the host country Switzerland.. 

International tournament

At the end, a two half-day tournament takes place for the participants and their horses in which what they have learned can be put into practice immediately. 

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